St Vincents Water Polo Club
Dublin, Ireland

Irish Senior Cups 2018

The Irish Senior Cup Tournament for men and women will take place at UL Sport over the weekend of April 19-21st 2018.

The draw was made at a meeting of the National Committee on Thursday March 15th and the groups were drawn as follows:

Draw for Irish Senior Cups 2018
Ladies ALadies BMen AMen B
St VincentsDiamondsSandycoveCathal Brugha
TrinityClontarfClonardNth Dublin
Cathal BrughaTribesCorribHalf Moon
St VincentsCú Chulainn

The schedule of matches (Version 1 issued April 3rd) is:
1Thu 19/0413:00Mens ASandycovevClonard
2Thu 19/0414:10Mens ACorribvSt Vincents
3Thu 19/0415:20Mens BCathal BrughavNth Dublin
4Thu 19/0416:30Mens BHalf MoonvCú Chulainn
5Thu 19/0417:40Ladies ASt VincentsvTrinity
6Thu 19/0418:50Ladies BDiamondsvClontarf
7Thu 19/0420:00Mens ASandycovevCorrib
8Fri 20/0408:30Mens AClonardvSt Vincents
9Fri 20/0409:40Mens BCathal BrughavHalf Moon
10Fri 20/0410:50Mens BNth DublinvCú Chulainn
11Fri 20/0412:00Ladies ASt VincentsvCathal Brugha
12Fri 20/0413:10Ladies BDiamondsvTribes
13Fri 20/0414:20Mens ASandycovevSt Vincents
14Fri 20/0415:30Mens AClonardvCorrib
15Fri 20/0416:40Mens BCathal BrughavCú Chulainn
16Fri 20/0417:50Mens BNth DublinvHalf Moon
17Fri 20/0419:00Ladies ATrinityvCathal Brugha
18Fri 20/0420:10Ladies BClontarfvTribes
19Sat 21/0409:00LSF1Winner AvR/up B
20Sat 21/0410:15LSF2Winner BvR/up A
21Sat 21/0411:30MSF1Winner AvR/up B
22Sat 21/0412:45MSF2Winner BvR/up A
23Sat 21/0416:30LFINALWinner LSF1vWinner LSF2
24Sat 21/0418:00MFINALWinner MSF1vWinner MSF2