St Vincents Water Polo Club
Dublin, Ireland

Irish Under 16 Cups 2016

To be Played in Lisburn on Feb 5th - 7th 2016

The Full Guide, including Tournament Rules and Fixtures is available to download as a PDF here

GIRLS Groups:
Group A  Group B 
Tribes A Cathal Brugha
Tribes B Donegall Diamonds
North Dublin Clontarf
St Vincents  

BOYS Groups:
Group A  Group B  Group C  Group D 
Corrib St Vincents Wexford Clonard
Sandycove Lisburn Grads Clontarf
Drogheda North Dublin Cathal Brugha  


1 1700 Boys C  Cathal Brugha  v Grads 
2 1740 Girls B  Donegall Diamonds  v Cathal Brugha 
3 1820 Boys B  Lisburn  v North Dublin 
4 1900 Girls A  St Vincents  v North Dublin 
5 1940 Boys A  Sandycove  v Drogheda 
6 2020 Girls A  Tribes A  v Tribes B 
7 900 Boys B  St Vincents  v Lisburn 
8 940 Boys A  Corrib  v Sandycove 
9 1020 Boys C  Wexford  v Cathal Brugha 
10 1100 Girls A  North Dublin  v Tribes A 
11 1140 Girls A  Tribes B  v St Vincents 
12 1220 Girls B  Cathal Brugha  v Clontarf 
13 1300 Boys A  Corrib  v Drogheda 
14 1340 Boys B  St Vincents  v North Dublin 
15 1420 Boys C  Wexford  v Grads 
16 1500 Boys D  Clonard  v Clontarf 
17 1540 Girls A  Tribes A  v St Vincents 
18 1620 Girls A  Tribes B  v North Dublin 
19 1700 Girls B  Donegall Diamonds v Clontarf 
20 1740 Boys Q/F 1 1st Grp A v 2nd Grp D
21 1820 Boys Q/F 2 1st Grp B v 2nd Grp C
22 1900 Boys Q/F 3 1st Grp C v 2nd Grp B
23 1940 Boys Q/F 4 1st Grp D v 2nd Grp A
24 1000 Girls S/F 1  1st Grp A  v 2nd Grp B 
25 1100 Girls S/F 2  1st Grp B  v 2nd Grp A 
26 1200 Boys S/F 1  Wnr Q/F 1  v Wnr Q/F 2 
27 1300 Boys S/F 2  Wnr Q/F 3  v Wnr Q/F 4 
28 1400 Girls Bronze R-up Game 24 v R-up Game 25
29 1500 Boys Bronze  R-up Game 26 v R-up Game 27
30 1600 Girls Final  Wnr Game 24  v Wnr Game 25 
31 1700 Boys Final  Wnr Game 26  v Wnr Game 27 

The very best of luck to all of our players. St Vincents Team Squads for the tournament are:

Girls Boys
Sophia O’Donnell Shane O’Brien
Molly Reilly Matthew Hynes
Cara Kindlon Sean Dunne
Sadbh Kindlon Ruairi O’Murchadha
Cliona Colvin Lucas Ryan
Aoife Hennessy Kevin O’Sullivan
Eve Lynch Dylan Egan 
Sarah McDonogh Sam O’Dwyer
Erin Kindlon Alex San Emeterio Areneza
Niamh O’Meara Adam Flanagan
Katie Hynes Patrick Kelleher
Caoimhe Hennessy Ciaran Dunne
Jennifer Dunne Sean Kavanagh