St Vincents Water Polo Club
Dublin, Ireland

Irish U19 Cups 2017

Silver Medals for St Vincents at the Irish U19 Cups

The 2017/18 Irish U19 Cups took take place at the UL Sports Complex in Limerick over the weekend of November 17-19th 2017.

The tournament was open to athletes born in 1998 and later.

Our Boys and Girls teams performed strongly with both narrowly losing out in the final to the teams from the West.



The Draw was made at a meeting of the National Water Polo Committee on October 24th and the groups drawn were as follows:

Group AGroup BGroup AGroup B
CorribSt VincentsTribes ASt Vincents
Cathal BrughaClonardDiamondsClontarf
DroghedaCú ChulainnCathal BrughaTribes B

The Tournament Schedule and Match Results were:

Friday 17th November
11700Boys ACorrib11-9Drogheda
21800Boys ACathal Brugha8-7Clontarf
31900Girls BSt Vincents17-3Tribes B
42000Boys BSt Vincents24-4Cú Chulainn
52100Boys BClonard10-9Sandycove
Saturday 18th November
6830Girls ADonegall Diamonds9-1Cathal Brugha
7930Boys ACorrib13-5Cathal Brugha
81030Boys ADrogheda10-2Clontarf
91130Boys BSt Vincents11-4Clonard
101230Boys BCú Chulainn16-24Sandycove
111330Girls ATribes A17-2Donegall Diamonds
121430Girls BTribes B4-4Clontarf
131530Boys ACorrib16-3Clontarf
141630Boys ACathal Brugha6-8Drogheda
151730Boys BSt Vincents13-3Sandycove
161830Boys BClonard22-9Cú Chulainn
171930Girls ATribes A27-0Cathal Brugha
182030Girls BSt Vincents21-0Clontarf
Sunday 19th November
GameTimeGirls/BoysWhite Blue
19900Girls SF1Tribes A21-3Tribes B
201000Girls SF2St Vincents8-4Diamonds
211100Boys SF1Corrib13-9Clonard
221200Boys SF2St Vincents7-3Drogheda
231300GirlsCathal Brugha8-11Clontarf
241500Girls Final Tribes A6-2St Vincents
251615Boys Final Corrib7-6St Vincents

Group Stage Tables 

Boys Group A
Cathal Brugha31021928-93
Boys Group B
St. Vincents33004811379
Cú Chulainn30032970-410
Girls Group A
Tribes A 2200442426
Cathal Brugha2002136-350
Girls Group B
St. Vincents 2200383356
Tribes B 2011721-141
Clontarf 2011425-211