St Vincents Water Polo Club
Dublin, Ireland

Irish U13 Mixed Cup 2019

Best of Luck to both of our Teams in the 2019 Irish U13 Cup next weekend in the NAC ... Go Sharks and Killer Whales!!!

Follow the Cup match-by-match on the Ireland Water Polo website at:

Tournament Details

The Irish U13 Mixed Cup for boys and girls born in 2006 and later will take place in the NAC over the weekend of May 18th and 19th 2019.

Tournament Director Colin Morrissey has issued the Tournament Information Pack which can be downloaded here.

The Draw divided the 20 participating teams into four groups as follows:

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
TribesCu ChulainnSt Vincents SharksNewry
Clonard ASandycoveClontarf UnitedAthlone
Half Moon HurricanesClonard BHalf Moon TornadoesClontarf Celtic
Corrib BSt Vincents Killer WhalesDroghedaPortadown
Cathal BrughaNorth DublinCorrib ABangor Barracudas

The Schedule for the Tournament (which can be downloaded as a PDF here) and match results are:
Match NumberDay & TimePoolStageGroupWhiteBlue
1Sat 14:30DGroup StageGroup CCorrib AvSt Vincents Sharks
2Sat 15:00CGroup StageGroup ATribesvCorrib B
3Sat 15:00DGroup StageGroup AClonard AvHalf Moon Hurricanes
4Sat 15:30CGroup StageGroup DNewryvPortadown
5Sat 15:30DGroup StageGroup DAthlonevClontarf Celtic
6Sat 16:00CGroup StageGroup BCu ChulainnvSt Vincents Killer Whales
7Sat 16:00DGroup StageGroup BSandycovevClonard B
8Sat 16:30CGroup StageGroup CSt Vincents SharksvDrogheda
9Sat 16:30DGroup StageGroup CClontarf UnitedvHalf Moon Tornadoes
10Sat 17:00CGroup StageGroup AHalf Moon HurricanesvTribes
11Sat 17:00DGroup StageGroup ACorrib BvCathal Brugha
12Sat 17:30CGroup StageGroup DClontarf CelticvNewry
13Sat 17:30DGroup StageGroup DPortadownvBangor Barracudas
14Sat 18:00CGroup StageGroup BClonard BvCh Chulainn
15Sat 18:00DGroup StageGroup BSt Vincents Killer WhalesvNorth Dublin
16Sat 18:30CGroup StageGroup CHalf Moon TornadoesvSt Vincents Sharks
17Sat 18:30DGroup StageGroup CDroghedavCorrib A
18Sat 19:00CGroup StageGroup ACathal BrughavHalf Moon Hurricanes
19Sat 19:00DGroup StageGroup ATribesvClonard A
20Sat 19:30CGroup StageGroup DBangor BarracudasvClontarf Celtic
21Sat 19:30DGroup StageGroup DNewryvAthlone
Match NumberDay & TimePoolStageGroupWhiteBlue
22Sun 08:00DGroup StageGroup BNorth DublinvClonard B
23Sun 08:30DGroup StageGroup BCh ChulainnvSandycove
24Sun 09:00DGroup StageGroup CCorrib AvHalf Moon Tornadoes
25Sun 09:30DGroup StageGroup CSt Vincents SharksvClontarf United
26Sun 10:00DGroup StageGroup AClonard AvCathal Brugha
27Sun 10:30CGroup StageGroup AHalf Moon HurricanesvCorrib B
28Sun 10:30DGroup StageGroup DAthlonevBangor Barracudas
29Sun 11:00CGroup StageGroup DClontarf CelticvPortadown
30Sun 11:00DGroup StageGroup BSandycovevNorth Dublin
31Sun 11:30CGroup StageGroup BClonard BvSt Vincents Killer Whales
32Sun 11:30DGroup StageGroup CClontarf UnitedvCorrib A
33Sun 12:00CGroup StageGroup CHalf Moon TornadoesvDrogheda
34Sun 12:00DGroup StageGroup ACorrib BvClonard A
35Sun 12:30CGroup StageGroup ACathal Brugha vTribes
36Sun 12:30DGroup StageGroup DPortadownvAthlone
37Sun 13:00CGroup StageGroup DBangor BarracudasvNewry
38Sun 13:00DGroup StageGroup BSt Vincents Killer WhalesvSandycove
39Sun 13:30CGroup StageGroup BNorth Dublin vCh Chulainn
40Sun 13:30DGroup StageGroup CDroghedavClontarf United
 Sun 14:00  Lunch Break Lunch Break
41Sun 14:00D9th -12thPlay Off 13rd Grp Av3rd Grp D
42Sun 14:30C9th - 12thPlay Off 23rd Grp Cv3rd Grp B
43Sun 14:30DQuarter FinalQF11st Grp AvR-Up Grp D
44Sun 15:00CQuarter FinalQF21st Grp BvR-Up Grp C
45Sun 15:00DQuarter FinalQF31st Grp CvR-Up Grp B
46Sun 15:30DQuarter FinalQF41st Grp DvR-Up Grp A
     Finals Session   
47Sun 16:00C5th - 8thPlay Off 3R/U QF1vR/U QF2
48Sun 16:15D5th - 8th Play Off 4R/U QF3vR/U QF4
49Sun 16:45DSemi FinalSF1Win QF1vWin QF2
50Sun 17:15DSemi FinalSF2Win QF3vWinQF4
51Sun 17:45D5th/6thPlay Off 5Win Play Off 3vWin Play Off 4
52Sun 18:30DBronze Medal R/U SF1vR/U SF2
53Sun 19:15DFinal Win SF1vWin SF2

The Group Stage Group Tables are:

Group A
Cathal Brugha00000000
Clonard A00000000
Corrib B00000000
Half Moon Hurricanes00000000
Group B
Clonard B00000000
Cu Chulainn00000000
North Dublin00000000
St Vincents Killer Whales00000000
Group C
Clontarf United00000000
Corrib A00000000
Half Moon Tornadoes00000000
St Vincents Sharks00000000
Group D
Bangor Barracudas00000000
Clontarf Celtic00000000

Note: Teams on Equal Points

Where teams are on equal points, the Ireland Water Polo Rule Book ranks them on head-to-head results. During the group stages of the U13 Mixed Cup competition these tables show order based on Goal Difference and are then adjusted if necessary when a Group has been completed and two or more teams finish level on points.

Summary of Rules for Mixed U13 Cup 2019

- All Players must be registered with Swim Ireland.- All Players must be born in 2016 or later.
- Teams will consist of a maximum of 15 Players with a maximum of 13 players used in any individual match. If a team has more than 13 players, the Team Manager must notify the Tournament Director at least 30 minutes in advance of each match about which player(s) will not participate in that match.

- Players should use the cap numbers listed on their Team Lists submitted to Swim Ireland. Any change must be notified by the Team Manager to the Tournament Director at least 30 minutes in advance of any match where different cap number(s) will be used.

Game Duration:
- Games 1 through 52 will be 2 x 6 mins actual with one timeout available per team per period. Unused timeouts are forfeit and do not carry to the next period.
- Game 53 (Gold Medal match) will be 4 x 4 minutes actual time with 2 timeouts available per team to be used at any time the team is in possession of the ball.

- In matches 1 - 24, Points shall be awarded as follows:
    a) Win - 3 Points
    b) Draw - 1 Point
    c) Loss - 0 Points
- In the event that teams finish on equal points after the completion of the Group Stage (after match 24 has been completed), then Teams will be ranked as follows:
    a) The team which has gained the most points in matches between the teams shall be ranked higher.
    b) If there is still a tie, then the team with the largest difference between goals scored for and against in all matches shall be ranked higher.
    c) If the teams are still tied, the team having scored the higher number of goals in all matches will be ranked higher.
    d) If the teams are still tied, ranking will be decided by the drawing of lots.
- All knockout matches (25-48) will be played to a definite result. In the event of a tie at the end of normal time the game shall go straight to a “penalty shoot-out” in accordance with FINA Rules.

Ball Size:
- The Size 3 water polo ball will be used throughout the tournament.

Disciplinary Rules Summary:
- Misconduct (Exclusion with Substitute under WP 21.13) or Red Card shown to Coach, Official or Player:
    - 1st Offence = no automatic suspension
    - 2nd Offence = 1 match automatic suspension. 
- Brutality: Any player excluded for Brutality (WP 21.14) will be suspended for at least the next game. 
- Notes: 
    - In all cases, the Tournament Director and/or Jury of Appeal may impose a greater penalty due to the nature of the offence.
    - Any such punishment shall be in addition to any punishment that the Ireland Water Polo Disciplinary Committee may impose at a later hearing. 
Poolside Behaviour and respect for Officials, Staff and other Teams
- While within the vicinity of the pool, all players should be under the supervision of their designated Team Manager who is responsible for their behaviour.- Players and Club Officials should respect the wishes of the Pool Staff and Tournament Officials and follow their instructions at all times.- All empty bottles, packaging, foodstuffs etc. must be removed promptly and placed in the bins provided.- If the behaviour of a player or official is deemed to be unacceptable and they fail to correct this behaviour upon request, the Tournament Director may instruct that player or official to leave the pool area. 
Questions & Disputes
- Rules will be clarified and Questions answered at the Technical Meeting.- The Tournament Director (and if necessary the Jury of Appeal) will adjudicate over disputes.