St Vincents Water Polo Club
Dublin, Ireland

Irish U15 Cups 2019 -
4th place finishes for St Vincents Boys and Girls

St Vincents Girls with Mick and Louise
St Vincents Boys with George, John and Steve

Well done to our Girls and Boys who both finished in 4th place in the U/15 Irish Cup. They have gained lots of experience over the tournament giving 100% during all
matches. They have also had lots of fun and enjoyed spending time with all their team mates, both in and out of the pool. Thanks to Coaches and TM’s who gave their time over the whole season Louise, Mick, Steve, George, Murt and John. Thanks to all our parents who were wonderful supporters over the weekend.

The Irish U15 Cups (open to athletes born in 2004 and later) took place in Galway over the May bank Holiday weekend (May 4-6th 2019)

The 7 girls teams and 9 boys teams were drawn into groups as follows:

Girls AGirls BBoys ABoys BBoys CBoys D
St VincentsCathal BrughaSt VincentsClonardCorribCathal Brugha
ClonardDonegal DiamondsNorth Dublin

Match Schedule and Results

Tournament Director Eamon Caulfield released the Match Schedule (download Eamon's updated letter to the Clubs as a PDF here) which was as follows:

Saturday 4th May - Kingfisher NUIG Pool - Matches 4 x 5mins1 time out
Match noTimeGroupWhiteBlueComments
11250Boys Gp AAthlone1-19St Vincents
21330Girls Gp AClontarf6-1Clonard 
31410Girls Gp ASt Vincents8-6Bangor
41450Girls Gp BTribes2-5Cathal Brugha 
51530Boys Gp AAthlone2-18North Dublin
61610Boys Gp BClaremorris3-23Clonard 
71650Girls Gp AClontarf8-2Bangor
81730Girls Gp ASt Vincents8-3Clonard 
91810Girls Gp BTribes4-9Donegal Diamonds
101850Boys Gp CCorrib14-1Drogheda 
111930Boys Gp DClontarf2-9Cathal Brugha
122010Boys Gp ASt Vincents8-7North Dublin 
 END 2100     
Sunday 5th May -  Kingfisher NUIG Pool - 
Matches 13-19: 4 x 5mins
Matches 20-27: 4 x 4 mins
1 time out
Match noTimeGroupWhite  BlueComments
131250Girls Gp AClontarf9-8St Vincents
141330Girls Gp AClonard7-6Bangor 
151410Girls Gp BCathal Brugha3-9Donegal Diamonds
161450Boys Qtr 1St Vincents8-4Clontarf 
171530Boys Qtr 2Clonard11-0Drogheda
181610Boys Qtr 3Corrib9-3Claremorris 
191650Boys Qtr 4Cathal Brugha2-7North Dublin
201730Girls PO 1Clonard0-7Tribes(4x4)
211800Boys PO 1Clontarf4-5Drogheda
221830Boys PO 2Claremorris3-6
Cathal Brugha 
231900Girls PO 2Clonard3-5Bangor
241930Boys PO 3Clontarf11-6Athlone
7th /8th / 9th play off
252000Boys PO 4Drogheda0-7Cathal Brugha5th / 6th  play off
262030Girls PO 3Bangor0-5Tribes 
272100Boys PO 5Claremorris6-4Athlone7th /8th / 9th  play off
 End 2130    
Monday 6th May -  Leisureland Pool
Matches 28-31, 35 & 36: 4 x 5 mins
Matches 32-34: 4x4 mins
1 time out
Match noTimeGroupWhite  BlueComments
  Semi Finals 
28930Girls Semi 1Clontarf4-8Cathal Brugha
291015Girls Semi 2Diamonds12-3St Vincents
301100Boys Semi 1St Vincents3-14Clonard
311145Boys Semi 2Corrib15-5North Dublin
321230Boys PO 5Clontarf4-0 (w/o)Claremorris7th /8th / 9th play off
 1300-14:45Break - O'Connor Cup
  Bronze Medal Matches
331500Girls BronzeClontarf7-4St Vincents(4x4)
341530Boys BronzeSt Vincents2-6North Dublin(4x4)
351600Girls FinalCathal Brugha8-6Diamonds(4x5)
361645Boys FinalClonard7-5Corrib(4x5)

The Tournament Information Pack can be downloaded here.

Additional Information from our Tournament Director:

  • Competition briefing at 1230 in NUIG Pool – room advised on arrival
  • All qualifying, quarter final, semi-final and final matches are 4 x 5 with 1 time out 
  • All place matches are 4 x 4 with 1 time out
  • All teams to be ready 15 minutes before appointed time
  • Match duration times may be adjusted/reduced if time is lost with delays on change overs etc
  • Warm up in NUIG will be restricted 
  • Warm up in Leisureland permitted in back pool with NO balls
  • Teams managers/coaches to ensure they conduct a nail check prior to attendance at first match 

Final Group Tables

Girls Group A
St Vincents3201241866
Girls Group B
Cathal Brugha2101811-33
Boys Group A
St Vincents2200278196
North Dublin21012510153
Boys Group B
Boys Group C
Boys Group D
Cathal Brugha11009273

Girls 5th - 7th Place
Boys 7th - 9th Place