St Vincents Water Polo Club
Dublin, Ireland

Leinster Junior Fixtures 2016/17

Update May 12th:

Jim has updated the Leinster Junior Fixtures to Version 5 which can be downloaded as a PDF here.

Update February 14th:

Jim has updated the Leinster Junior Fixtures to Version 4 which can be downloaded as a PDF here.

Update December 4th:

Jim has updated the Leinster Junior Fixtures to Version 3 which can be downloaded as a PDF here.

There will be one further Academy in March and a tournament at the end. 

All Clubs are assigned Bench duty over the course of the season. You need to ensure you have two people assigned to the Bench for each match on your assigned evening. For travelling teams to Kells and Drogheda if possible travel with a Referee to help both clubs out.

Update October 9th 2016:
Jim has released the fixtures for the Leinster Junior Leagues for 2016/17 and they can be downloaded as a PDF here.

Mixed 2004 Mixed 2002
St Vincents St Vincents
Clontarf Celtic Clontarf Celtic
Clontarf Utd Clontarf Utd
Drogheda Guinness
North Dublin Half Moon
Kells North Dublin A
Guinness North Dublin B

2002 Match times 4 x 3.30
2004 Match times 4 x 4
1: All players must be registered with Swim Ireland and hold a waterpolo license (no cost for players U16)
2: Any Club with more than 1 team in the same competition must name first 6 Players on each team
3: All teams must be ready on the bank 10 minutes before start
4: For the 4 Blitz Tournaments, this will be Mixed Teams from All Clubs, 4-5pm will be for the younger 2004 players and 5-7pm is for the 2002 Players. Match times will depend on the numbers turning up. 2004 Players if they have the ability can play in the 2002 blitz.
5: For the Academy sessions these are from 4-5.30 for 2004 and 5.30 to 7pm for the 2002 players.
6: Teams will be awarded a walkover if the other team does not turn up.
7: Clubs to provide referees, send in names.

DateTimeVenueLeagueHome TeamScorevScoreAway TeamBench
24th Sept3.45GuinnessN/AAcademy 2004N/AvN/AAcademy 2004N/A
24th Sept5.15GuinnessN/AAcademy 2002N/AvN/AAcademy 2002N/A
8th Oct7.00DroghedaMixed 2004Drogheda7v10Clontarf UtdDrogheda
8th Oct7.30DroghedaMixed 2002Drogheda4v6Clontarf CelticDrogheda
15th Oct4.00GuinnessMixed 2004St Vincents6v5GuinnessClontarf
15th Oct4.30GuinnessMixed 2004North Dublin4v7Clontarf UtdClontarf
15th Oct5.00GuinnessMixed 2002Clontarf Utd8v2St VincentsClontarf
15th Oct5.30GuinnessMixed 2002Guinness6v2North Dublin BClontarf
15th Oct6.00GuinnessMixed 2002Half Moon3v16Clontarf UtdClontarf
15th Oct6.30GuinnessMixed 2002North Dublin A5v3North Dublin BClontarf
15th Oct7.45KellsMixed 2004Kells4v8DroghedaKells
15th Oct8.15KellsMixed 2002Kells2v7DroghedaKells
12th Nov7.00DroghedaMixed 2004Drogheda11v0KellsDrogheda
12th Nov7.30DroghedaMixed 2002Drogheda8v5KellsDrogheda
26th Nov3.45GuinnessN/AAcademy 2004N/AvN/AAcademy 2004N/A
26th Nov5.15GuinnessN/AAcademy 2002N/AvN/AAcademy 2002N/A
10th Dec4.00GuinnessMixed 2004St Vincents1v4KellsClontarf
10th Dec4.30GuinnessMixed 2004Guinness5v2DroghedaClontarf
10th Dec5.00GuinnessMixed 2002Clontarf Utd11v4KellsClontarf
10th Dec5.30GuinnessMixed 2002St Vincents12v6Half MoonClontarf
10th Dec6.00GuinnessMixed 2002Guinness2v6DroghedaClontarf
10th Dec6.30GuinnessMixed 2002Clontarf Celtic12v2North Dublin AClontarf
7th Jan4.00GuinnessMixed 2004Guinness3v2KellsGuinness
7th Jan4.30GuinnessMixed 2004St Vincents0v4Clontarf CelticGuinness
7th Jan5.00GuinnessMixed 2002Guinness6v5Clontarf UtdGuinness
7th Jan5.30GuinnessMixed 2002Half Moon13v11KellsGuinness
7th Jan6.00GuinnessMixed 2004Guinness15v3Clontarf CelticGuinness
7th Jan6.30GuinnessMixed 2002St Vincents0v4Clontarf CelticGuinness
7th Jan7.00DroghedaMixed 2004Drogheda1v0North DublinDrogheda
7th Jan7.30DroghedaMixed 2002Drogheda1v0North Dublin BDrogheda
14th Jan4.00GuinnessMixed 2004Guinness4v4Clontarf UtdNorth Dublin
14th Jan4.30GuinnessMixed 2004Clontarf Celtic4v0DroghedaNorth Dublin
14th Jan5.00GuinnessMixed 2002Half Moon4v12GuinnessNorth Dublin
14th Jan5.30GuinnessMixed 2002Clontarf Utd8v4North Dublin BNorth Dublin
14th Jan6.00GuinnessMixed 2002Half Moon5v13DroghedaNorth Dublin
14th Jan6.30GuinnessMixed 2002North Dublin A2v13Clontarf CelticNorth Dublin
14th Jan7.45KellsMixed 2004Kells6v3St VincentsKells
14th Jan8.15KellsMixed 2002Kells1v5St VincentsKells
4th Feb4.00GuinnessMixed 2004North Dublin5v3St VincentsSt. Vincents
4th Feb4.30GuinnessMixed 2004Clontarf Celtic1v10GuinnessSt. Vincents
4th Feb5.00GuinnessMixed 2002Half Moon9v4St VincentsSt. Vincents
4th Feb5.30GuinnessMixed 2002North Dublin B7v1North Dublin ASt. Vincents
4th Feb6.00GuinnessMixed 2002Clontarf Utd6v3GuinnessSt. Vincents
4th Feb6.30GuinnessMixed 2002North Dublin B13v4St VincentsSt. Vincents
4th Feb7.45KellsMixed 2004Kells4v6Clontarf UtdKells
4th Feb8.15KellsMixed 2002Kells0v11Clontarf CelticKells
11th Feb4.00GuinnessMixed 2004Clontarf Utd3v5KellsClontarf
11th Feb4.30GuinnessMixed 2004Clontarf Celtic2v8St VincentsClontarf
11th Feb5.00GuinnessMixed 2004North Dublin0v5GuinnessClontarf
11th Feb5.30GuinnessMixed 2002Clontarf Celtic13v2KellsClontarf
11th Feb6.00GuinnessMixed 2002St Vincents13v4GuinnessClontarf
11th Feb6.30GuinnessMixed 2002North Dublin B3v4Clontarf CelticClontarf
11th Feb7.00DroghedaMixed 2002Drogheda7v1North Dublin ADrogheda
18th Feb4.00GuinnessMixed 2004Clontarf Utd8v2St VincentsNorth Dublin
18th Feb4.30GuinnessMixed 2002Guinness0v4Clontarf CelticNorth Dublin
18th Feb5.00GuinnessMixed 2002St Vincents3v7North Dublin BNorth Dublin
18th Feb5.30GuinnessMixed 2004Clontarf Utd8v3North DublinNorth Dublin
18th Feb6.00GuinnessMixed 2002North Dublin A4v0GuinnessNorth Dublin
18th Feb6.30GuinnessMixed 2002Clontarf Celtic8v0St VincentsNorth Dublin
18th Feb7.00DroghedaMixed 2002Drogheda4v0Half MoonDrogheda
18th Feb7.45KellsMixed 2004Kells9v4Clontarf CelticKells
18th Feb8.15KellsMixed 2002Kells2v12Clontarf UtdKells
25th Feb4.00GuinnessMixed 2004St Vincents1v17DroghedaSt. Vincents
25th Feb4.30GuinnessMixed 2004Clontarf Utd16v2Clontarf CelticSt. Vincents
25th Feb5.00GuinnessMixed 2002St Vincents14v5DroghedaSt. Vincents
25th Feb5.30GuinnessMixed 2002Clontarf Utd1v6Clontarf CelticSt. Vincents
25th Feb6.00GuinnessMixed 2002Guinness0v4St VincentsSt. Vincents
25th Feb6.30GuinnessMixed 2002Clontarf Utd11v2Half MoonSt. Vincents
4th Mar3.45GuinnessN/AAcademy 2004N/AvN/AAcademy 2004N/A
4th Mar5.15GuinnessN/AAcademy 2002N/AvN/AAcademy 2002N/A
11th Mar4.00GuinnessMixed 2002Half Moon3v6North Dublin AGuinness
11th Mar4.30GuinnessMixed 2004North Dublin6v3KellsGuinness
11th Mar5.00GuinnessMixed 2002Guinness9v3Half MoonGuinness
11th Mar5.30GuinnessMixed 2002North Dublin A11v0KellsGuinness
11th Mar6.00GuinnessMixed 2002North Dublin B8v9Clontarf UtdGuinness
11th Mar6.30GuinnessMixed 2002Guinness12v3KellsGuinness
11th Mar7.00DroghedaMixed 2004Drogheda4v0St VincentsDrogheda
11th Mar7.30DroghedaMixed 2002Drogheda4v0St VincentsDrogheda
25th Mar4.00GuinnessMixed 2004Clontarf Celtic3v15Clontarf UtdClontarf
25th Mar4.30GuinnessMixed 2004Guinness4v5St VincentsClontarf
25th Mar5.00GuinnessMixed 2002Clontarf Celtic12v0DroghedaClontarf
25th Mar5.30GuinnessMixed 2002St Vincents10v5Clontarf UtdClontarf
25th Mar6.00GuinnessMixed 2002Clontarf Celtic15v2Half MoonClontarf
25th Mar6.30GuinnessMixed 2002Clontarf Utd7v3DroghedaClontarf
25th Mar7.45KellsMixed 2004Kells0v1North DublinKells
25th Mar8.15KellsMixed 2002Kells0v1North Dublin AKells
25th Mar8.45KellsMixed 2002Kells0v1North Dublin BKells
1st Apr7.00DroghedaMixed 2004Drogheda10v1Clontarf CelticDrogheda
1st Apr7.30DroghedaMixed 2002Drogheda3v3Clontarf UtdDrogheda
1st Apr7.45KellsMixed 2002Kells0v1Half MoonKells
8th Apr4.00GuinnessMixed 2004North Dublin10v2Clontarf CelticClontarf
8th Apr4.30GuinnessMixed 2002Half Moon4v16Clontarf CelticClontarf
8th Apr5.00GuinnessMixed 2004St Vincents6v2North DublinClontarf
8th Apr5.30GuinnessMixed 2002North Dublin A8v4Half MoonClontarf
8th Apr6.00GuinnessMixed 2004St Vincents10v4Clontarf UtdClontarf
8th Apr6.30GuinnessMixed 2002Clontarf Utd8v3North Dublin AClontarf
8th Apr7.00DroghedaMixed 2004Drogheda4v0GuinnessDrogheda
8th Apr7.30DroghedaMixed 2002Drogheda4v0GuinnessDrogheda
6th May4.00GuinnessMixed 2004Clontarf Utd14v4DroghedaNorth Dublin
6th May4.30GuinnessMixed 2004Clontarf Celtic0v11North DublinNorth Dublin
6th May5.30GuinnessMixed 2002Clontarf Celtic12v4Clontarf UtdNorth Dublin
6th May6.00GuinnessMixed 2004North Dublin7v0DroghedaNorth Dublin
6th May6.30GuinnessMixed 2002North Dublin A3v6St VincentsNorth Dublin
6th May7.00GuinnessMixed 2002North Dublin B16v2Half MoonNorth Dublin
6th May7.45KellsMixed 2004Kells0v1GuinnessKells
6th May8.15KellsMixed 2002Kells0v1GuinnessKells
20th May4.00GuinnessMixed 2004Clontarf Celtic v KellsClontarf
20th May4.30GuinnessMixed 2002North Dublin A v Clontarf UtdClontarf
20th May5.00GuinnessMixed 2002North Dublin B v DroghedaClontarf
20th May5.30GuinnessMixed 2002St Vincents v KellsClontarf
20th May6.00GuinnessMixed 2004Clontarf Utd v GuinnessClontarf
20th May6.30GuinnessMixed 2002North Dublin B v KellsClontarf
20th May7.00GuinnessMixed 2002North Dublin A v DroghedaClontarf
27th May4.00GuinnessMixed 2004Guinness v North DublinGuinness
27th May4.30GuinnessMixed 2002Clontarf Celtic v North Dublin BGuinness
27th May5.00GuinnessMixed 2002Guinness v North Dublin AGuinness
27th May5.30GuinnessMixed 2002Half Moon v North Dublin BGuinness
27th May6.00GuinnessMixed 2002Clontarf Celtic v GuinnessGuinness
27th May6.30GuinnessMixed 2002St Vincents v North Dublin AGuinness
27th May7.00GuinnessMixed 2002North Dublin B v GuinnessGuinness